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TNG Change Of Management | Update 21

Good morning everyone,

Welcome to Week 5 of the campaign to Change management at TNG.

First, thank you again to all those who have voted EARLY and voted FOR. Confirmation emails have continued to flood in over the weekend, to

Please continue to spread the word. And please see our How to Vote page if you have not already voted for Change. All votes count, all votes matter.

Second, on the state of play, management already knows that Change has overwhelming support. The support will be demonstrated further this week noting that:

  • often larger investors will not vote immediately, due to internal processes such as committee / board meetings, along with appointment of proxies
  • we are commencing our letterbox campaign later tomorrow, that will reach less engaged holders this week

By Monday next week however everyone will have had ten days to vote. As such, I will make a format statement before the market opens, as to the state of play.

I urge management to come to the table with legal representation before then. This is in the best interest of TNG.

Third, I am happy to host another Ask Me Anything session on Thursday, 5pm, should there be interest. I will likely be in Darwin then, and I will confirm that morning, based on feedback from HotCopper.

I would prefer not to rehash topics from the 2 hr session last week. I can confirm it was attended by 75 people, and more than 100 have requested the replay.

Finally, I put together a brief video whilst in Alice on Friday. It sets out the case for Change, and highlights the strategic vision of the new era.

Enjoy, and please feel free to share.



Proposed Chair of TNG Limited