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TNG Change of Management | Update 11


I am pleased to confirm that I will be speaking on a panel at the biennial National Conference of the AWU on next Wednesday, commencing 9.40am.

The AWU plays a key role in the Northern Territory, and in the mining sector throughout Australia. Additionally, they will be releasing an important policy paper on Australia's critical mineral strategy at the conference.

The panel I am speaking on is called "A Resilient Future: A Strategy for Critical Minerals and Rare Earths" (further description below). I will be appearing my capacity as the Proposed Chair of TNG Limited.

For further information on this event please follow this link


The COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has transformed the way we think about our economy. Socially, there appears to be broad acceptance of the need to build a cleaner, more resilient economy.

Critical minerals and rare earths are set to play a critical role in our economic future.

Australia has one of the world’s largest resources of critical minerals and rare earth.

We are predicted to become a global critical minerals powerhouse by 2030.’

This panel will discuss how vital critical minerals and rare earths are to our economic future and explore the role sovereign capability has in building a truly resilient economy that will deliver an economic benefit to all Australians.


Grant Wilson.

Proposed Chair of TNG Limited