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TNG Change Of Management | Update 1


Many thanks for registering to our campaign to Change Management at TNG Limited.

I will be publishing regular updates through this channel. Please feel free to share, and please encourage others to register, particularly Shareholders.

The substantive basis for our campaign to Change Management is presented in our Members' Statement, included on our website. This is a formal document, limited by law to 1,000 words. The concerns that the Requisitioning Shareholders hold in respect of current management are broader than this. These will be addressed at the appropriate time.

There is also an exciting opportunity here. The fundamental reset we envisage will inject dynamism and energy into TNG’s leadership ranks, aimed at unlocking significant value for Shareholders and Stakeholders. I was pleased, though not surprised, to see the market respond favourably to our initiative last week.

I assure all Shareholders that our campaign is well planned, well funded and well advised. Various transition strategies were considered over recent months, and by different Requisitioning Shareholders. The approach adopted is viewed as clearly preferred, and as being in the best interests of TNG.

I confirm that myself and Mr Paul Brown hosted information briefing sessions with major shareholders after the market closed this week. These were constructive, as well as a welcome opportunity to discuss both our transition strategy, and the new era we envision for TNG. I will extend the same courtesy to significant shareholders in the week ahead.

I am also keen to meet with smaller shareholders of TNG. This is the primary purpose of our Roadshow, that will commence in Sydney this coming Thursday (details to follow). In my various roles as a fiduciary over the past 25 years I have often found some of the most importance insights can be sourced from the crowd. I will be there to introduce myself and also to listen.

For those contributing to online platforms, especially HotCopper, I again ask that comments are kept respectful, mindful that everyone wants to see TNG emerge as a great Australian story. I welcome constructive criticism, including and especially of myself.

To the team at TNG, for obvious reasons I will not be in contact through this period, and I request that you refrain from reaching out as well. Please keep your heads down and stay focused on the mission. I am looking forward to meeting you all in due course.

As to the state of play, I requested last week that Mr Paul Burton and Mr John Elkington engage in discussions, with legal representation present, to negotiate an expedited and peaceable transition, that is in the best interests of TNG. The ball is in their court.


Grant Wilson. 

Proposed Chair of TNG Limited