TNG Updates

Sydney roadshow – Agenda & Other Items

Hello everyone,

Our Roadshow starts this evening, 630pm at the Intercontinental in Double Bay. It will be lively. You can still confirm attendance at Update 2. To download Agenda slideshow click here.

Melbourne is confirmed for next Wednesday, 630pm at QT. Registrations for that event have already ballooned. We will get a bigger room. 

As I previously mentioned, my aim on the Roadshow is to introduce myself, explain the new era ahead at TNG, and to meet you all and listen to your concerns, especially long term holders.

Included below is a link to the Agenda for this evening. I will address substantive topics and there will be Q/A.

It is important that both the substance and tone protects and promotes the best interests of TNG Limited, and is compliant with the legal regime that applies to our action to Change Management. So if I decline to answer a particular question, please understand that this is the likely context.

In other brief matters:

  1. Regarding my AusBiz interview on Monday, hosted at Update 3, I misspoke at 2.40 min mark. I have been involved as a significant shareholder for 6-7 months, not years. Such are the perils of live TV.
  2. I lodged a Substantial Shareholder notice yesterday to the ASX. This confirms that none of the shareholders in the action, including myself, have been involved in any material market transactions since the Jun 30 Top 20 update provided by TNG. We are invested in TNG for the long term.
  3. I have been asked several times whether the Roadshow will include Perth, given that TNG’s head office is located there. The short answer is yes, that is next stop.


Grant Wilson.

Proposed Chair of TNG Limited