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TNG Change of Management | Update 49

Good morning everyone 

A brief update as we count down to the AGM on 28 November.

First, I have received many questions in recent weeks regarding current management, and about what will happen at the company following the AGM.

On the state of play, it is as it appears at face value. The Notice of Meeting was issued on 28 October, and confirms that I am running unopposed to become a Director at the company. After this an election will be held by the new Board, where I will nominate to become Chair.

Consistent with the original 249D notice, I will be seeking an Executive remit from the new Board, so that I can deliver on the Change agenda in the months ahead. In the first phase this is framed as Reset, Review, Renew, as I explained at length in the AMA sessions. These sessions remain available at the YouTube channel of the Change campaign, and have been very widely viewed.

Naturally there will be some tweaks to what I outlined in September as circumstances have evolved, both at the company and in the sector more generally. Additionally, I have not yet been read into company sensitive information, and this will have an important bearing as the new Board gets down to work.

Nonetheless, I am committed to delivering on the Change agenda, and I am confident that this will restore market sentiment and confidence into year end and beyond.

I confirm that I have been working in parallel to the company with a select and talented team since the General Meeting to ensure that I am fully prepared to hit the ground running. The Change will be profound and permanent. It will be delivered for all shareholders and stakeholders, and in the best interests of the company.

Second, for the AGM, we continue to receive emails at with various questions on How to Vote. Our website has generic instructions, and we are available to address bespoke issues.

I previously highlighted back at Update 46 that “I am looking to unify the register through November, and to maintain a high level of engagement with shareholders, small and large, local and offshore”. This is an important objective, as it will assist in bringing this tumultuous period to a close and launching the new era.

I expect a high voter turnout and for overwhelming support FOR Resolution 2.

I will send a final reminder to vote next week, ahead of the proxy close. Please note this is 10am AWST (Perth) on Saturday 26 November, being 48 hours before the AGM. So for those voting electronically, this is the cutoff.

Thank you to those that have already voted, and who have been so steadfast in supporting the Change campaign over these months. We are nearly there.

Nominated for election as a Director of TNG Limited