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TNG Change Of Management | Update 26

Hi everyone,

Briefly, I confirm that management has not been in touch since Monday. And that with the public release this morning, the window for negotiated settlement is now closed.

I am not surprised. And I will explain what this means in more depth tomorrow, including a key concern that I have as a Shareholder of TNG.

Change campaign

Regarding the Change campaign, I have received some questions as whether I am now going to wait it out until the General Meeting, scheduled for September 20.

The answer is no. Or as I said on the first Ask Me Anything sessions, no, no, no, no!

I draw your attention to Update 6, published 29 July. This was directly after the Sydney roadshow event, during which I received legal correspondence from management that made it clear an expedited settlement was not being considered.

In response I undertook to deliver an ‘unrelenting, co-ordinated, national campaign to remove them from the Board of TNG’.

That is what I have been doing. I will continue to do that.

Ask Grant Anything

For today, I advise that over the next three weeks I will be available for one-on-one sessions with Shareholders that were on the register as at 30 June.

These are structured as 15 minute timeslots, and can be reserved in a new page on website that is available now.

On reserving a timeslot you will be asked to provide relevant contact details (phone / email), and preferred communication mode (phone / Zoom).

There is also a question regarding shares held as at 30 June. This is strictly an accreditation step, to ensure the bookings do not get spammed by non-holders. The response here can be approximate in terms of the number of shares, but please include a name that matches the register.

Sessions will be then confirmed via email, and the relevant timeslot will no longer be available.

The sessions commence on Friday and through all of next week, with 40 available in total. I will open up subsequent weeks as we go.

I ask that you do not book multiple sessions. And if you happen to know anyone that is disengaged, please encourage them to participate.

Please note that these sessions will be subject to the same legal constraints I have been adhering to throughout.

Finally, if you happen to interpret this initiative as indicative of how Investor Relations will be radically transformed following a change in control, you would be correct!

Further announcements

As above, I will make a further statement tomorrow.

There will be an additional announcement on Friday regarding an event planned for next week.



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