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TNG Change of Management | Update 48

Greetings, from Alice Springs 

First, I confirm that Mr Biddle and I met for a few hours earlier this week. It was a friendly, constructive and extensive discussion, principally focused on transition arrangements for the company following the AGM. I am grateful to Neil for taking this approach, and I am looking forward further collaborative exchanges of views going forward.

Regarding Mr Burton, I continue to be advised to make no comment at this stage.

Second, I attended the Aboriginal Leadership and Governance Forum yesterday, in a personal capacity. It was a very well attended event (approximately 250), the first of these forums since the pandemic.

Governance is clearly evolving right across the Territory, to a much more inclusive model, with a primary emphasis on empowering local communities. It is imperative, for projects such a Mount Peake, that these changes are understood and fully respected. To do otherwise will leave project delivery vulnerable to stakeholder and community pressures, that are increasingly being mobilised by well-funded activist groups, including through digital media channels.

This message has been central to the Change campaign I have led since July. TNG requires a social license to operate in the Territory, including the free and informed consent key stakeholders. Current management never understood this, and comprehensively failed in terms of execution. It is a recoverable situation, but it requires the complete reset I have advocated, and then ongoing, culturally astute engagement, right throughout the Territory. This will start in earnest from the AGM on November 28.


Finally, as usual, a reminder to Vote. The Notice of Meeting of October 28 confirmed that I am running unopposed at the AGM to become a Director of the company. I will then stand for election as Chairman, seeking the support of Dr Anthony Robinson and Mr Simon Morten.

The How to Vote section of our website has been updated. And shareholders should have received the physical mailout from the company by now as well.
Please vote FOR Resolution 2.

Thank you to those who have already voted. If you have any questions please let us know at

Nominated for election as a Director of TNG Limited