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TNG Change of Management | Update 10

Hello everyone,

To round out next week, I will be in Perth on Friday and Saturday.

The venue for Friday evening is The Westin Perth, 5:30 – 7:30 pm, 480 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000. Confirm your attendance here:

Dr Anthony Robinson, the proposed Non-Executive Director of the Change Management campaign, will join me.

I am obviously aware that TNG's main office is in Perth. I am advised that TNG employees may attend, however it is the prerogative of management to direct that they do not.

In any event, and for the abundance of clarity, Anthony and I will not be available to meet or discuss any aspect of the Change Management campaign with any employee of TNG, nor has or will any inducement been made by me for any employee to breach their employment contract.

Within those legal constraints, I did want to include Perth early on. There are quite a few TNG shareholders in Perth, and I also hope and trust that TNG's team will hear of the positive message of change that is afoot. 

My basic message to the team is per Update 1, specifically "Please keep your heads down and stay focused on the mission". Also please know that there are exciting times ahead, and that you are mission critical and key stakeholders in that journey.

I still retain hope that management will come to the table as well, with legal representation, to commence negotiating an orderly and peaceable transition. I will be available in Perth to facilitate this, with strict confidentiality in place, should they decide to engage.

Please confirm attendance via the following link.


Grant Wilson.

Proposed Chair of TNG Limited