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TNG Change Of Management | Update 35

Good evening from Darwin,

First, it has been a constructive couple of days here.

I can confirm once appointed as a director and Chairman, I intend to:
  • open an office in Darwin before year end, as it is fundamentally required to advance Mount Peake toward project delivery;
  • roll out a sophisticated, local digital engagement strategy, to engage stakeholders, and to assist in earning the social licence the company needs to advance in the Northern Territory;
  • initiate a deep community engagement program, both here in Darwin, and especially in Alice Springs and surrounds.

As I have mentioned on some of the AMAs, I expect to spend extensive time in Alice Springs and Darwin in the year ahead. Provisionally this looks like 1-2 weeks per month.

I can also confirm there will be extensive local media coverage on the change in control. There is excitement and anticipation here that Change is finally coming to the company. 

Many thanks as well to the Shareholders who took the time to meet up. I am looking forward to the fishing trips!

Second, I have not viewed Mr Burton’s video call for want of time. I will catch up tomorrow.
I have read Mr Biddle’s letter as Chair.

While I am pleased he retracted the threat that was made to the important statutory rights of Shareholders, it should not have been made in the first place.

I also take issue with his statement that the company is under ‘unwarranted and unnecessary attack by a small minority of shareholders’.

The Change team is not attacking the company, we are saving it, quite literally. And we own a lot of shares, Mr Biddle apparently does not own even one.

Mr Biddle now faces a test of character, one that Mr Burton and Mr Elkington have already failed.

I hope that he will quickly come to appreciate the poor commercial judgement he has made, as referenced respectfully in my AMA session on Friday last week (replay here). He still has some time to play a constructive role in facilitating the Board transition that the overwhelming majority of Shareholders support.

It would be in the best interests of the company for the new era to commence with a healing moment.

Finally, yes, I have been asked repeatedly, and I am happy to host another AMA session on Friday, say 4pm AEST.

I will confirm that morning, and provide relevant login details.

Proposed Chair of TNG Limited