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TNG Change Of Management | Update 13

Hello again,

I am commencing our National Roadshow this evening in Canberra. Melbourne is Wednesday, Thursday is Brisbane and Friday is Perth. Please come along, and please confirm attendance in the Update section.

For Perth, the venue has been updated to the the Westin, still commencing at 5.30pm. Dr Anthony Robinson, proposed Non-Executive Director of the Change team, will be joining me there.

I have included the Agenda I will be speaking to in Canberra. This is a shift from Sydney last week, where the priority was to introduce the campaign, as well as myself. I generally avoided direct criticism of management then, as part of the olive branch extended.

This week is different.

I will focus on making the case for Change, in the context of the five substantive criticisms of management included in our Members' Statement. I will then contrast the current regime to the exciting new era ahead.

I will distribute some additional materials for those in attendance. These materials will evolve as the week progresses. 

I have allowed equal time for Q/A, and I am looking forward to answering your questions. I know first-hand now that there is a lot of animosity toward current management. While the sessions this week are a forum to vent, I would ask that comments are kept within socially acceptable bounds.

Throughout this week I will continue to draw the sharpest of distinctions between TNG, being the company and its many stakeholders, and current management. This is a core principle of the Change campaign.

TNG can become the great Australian success story that we all want. But this cannot happen with current management still in place.