TNG Updates

TNG Change of Management | Update 50

Dear shareholders 

My thanks to all who have supported the Change campaign, at home and abroad, and to the many well-wishers this week. Whilst there have been twists and turns, we have achieved the outcome that we set out to, and maintained throughout a focus on the best interests of the company and Shareholders.

I confirm this is the final Update. The new era will commence on Monday at the AGM.

Please note that I will not at that time have been briefed on company sensitive information. As such, and given that the new Board will not have yet convened, there will be limits to the comments I make on the day.

It is nonetheless time to kickstart the new era.

So, following my appointment, I will introduce some new people and I will discuss some new office locations.

Most importantly, I will announce my plans for the new name of the company. This will be subject to Board approval, and to a special resolution from Shareholders early next year. I will reiterate why this step is fundamentally necessary. And I will share some of the design work that has been progressed and that will underpin the company’s new identity.

As part of commencing the extensive program of investor engagement ahead, I will be appearing on AusBiz at 3.45 pm AEST.

Final reminder

A final reminder to vote. The proxy close is tomorrow, specifically 10 am AWST (Perth). This is the cutoff unless you are attending the AGM in person. Details on How to Vote remain on our website, and we are still fielding emails at

Voter turnout at the AGM for TNG has traditionally been around 40%. I hope and expect that Resolution 2 will be voted FOR on high turnout and with high support.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to lead the company into the new era.

Nominated for election as a Director of TNG Limited