TNG Updates

TNG Change Of Management | Update 44

Good morning everyone,

I confirm that I have nominated today to become a Director of TNG at the AGM on November 28. 

Regrettably, I am not yet in a position to resume Updates, or host an AMA session, to address the many questions that shareholders are due answers to, that management have neglected. This is the legal advice I have received, and reflects my ongoing engagement with ASIC and Computershare following the General Meeting.

I note that Mr Neil Biddle is required to seek shareholder approval at the AGM to remain as a Director, and thereby Chair.

Shareholders of TNG will thus be afforded the opportunity they were deprived of during the 249D process. Namely, a straight up and down vote as between Mr Biddle and myself to lead the company forward.

I hope to be back online toward the end of the month. Should Mr Biddle and Mr Burton not have already resigned, I will recommence the campaign for Change then.

I will be asking shareholders to end this period of chaos and value destruction by voting AGAINST Mr Biddle and FOR myself.

Proposed Director of TNG Limited