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TNG Change Of Management | Update 20

Good morning everyone,

First, thank you for the flood of early voting, and all the correspondence as well. It moves the needle a long way, and maximises the probability of an early resolution, which is the best outcome for TNG.

The message remains the same: vote EARLY, vote FOR. Should you wish, please send confirmation to, so that we can maintain a count independently, combining the grassroots with larger shareholders.

We will start rolling out an FAQ section over the weekend. There are already various questions, and please continue to feel free to send these to

For this Update, let me address this question posted on Hotcopper this morning. I had expected this to be asked, as it is important to clarify this area.

Grant, if you read this, is it possible either here or on the new website to give us periodic updates of the percentage/number of votes for the 5 resolutions you have had confirmed? I'm sure others, like me, are impatiently awaiting for the outcome of this and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later, and you guys can get on with running this company properly. Eintracht, 6.38 AEST.

Unfortunately, the brief answer is no. There are two main legal considerations being release of confidential and market sensitive information, and compliance with the permitted regime for engagement with investors (ie collective action).

These are strict considerations, hence this information will be retained by the Change campaign on a confidential basis, per the disclosure in Update 19.

Of course, this does not preclude me from continuing to communicate forthrightly and regularly as I have been.

Naturally, as well, TNG’s management will see the votes for Change rolling in, with a loud and clear message that an expedited resolution is in the best interest of the company.

Trust this clarifies, and please stay tuned.



Proposed Chair of TNG Limited