TNG Updates

TNG Change Of Management | Update 15

Good morning,

Some brief updates to commence this week.

First, thank you to all those who attended Roadshow events in Brisbane and Perth late last week. It was a welcome opportunity to introduce myself and, in the case of Perth, Dr Anthony Robinson, whose depth of experience in project engineering is so valuable. As was so in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, the support for Change is overwhelming.

Second, a shout out to Propunter2 (Pro). Pro is a long-term shareholder of TNG, and one of the most insightful contributors on Hotcopper (HC). It was my privilege to spend a few hours with Pro late on Saturday, down at Elizabeth Quay. He knows his stuff, and he is a good bloke too. As with all who have been in touch from HC, Pro is independent of the Change team and speaks his own mind.

Third, I will be Alice Springs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Alice is a small town, and does not have many TNG shareholders, hence I wont be hosting a Roadshow event. However I am happy to meet up with any shareholders on Tuesday evening. Please reply to if you are there.

For abundant clarity, I confirm that I will not be meeting with the Central Land Council or the Mayor / Town Council whilst in Alice.

Finally, I confirm that management did not make contact in Perth, so I am assuming the Notice of Meeting will be published this Wednesday, being August 10. I hope that management focuses on the best interests of TNG. I will respond thereafter.



Proposed Chair of TNG Limited