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TNG Change of Management | Update 42

Good afternoon once again,

Highly engaged Shareholders will recall that a month ago, in Update 22, Mr Paul Brown, who is both a requisitioning member for the 249D action, and a major long term shareholder of TNG, wrote a public letter of support for the Change campaign. 

I said at the time: 
It has been my privilege to get to know Paul over the past month, and I am grateful for his strong support. He is forthright and insightful, and has deep experience in strategic investing across the Australian resource sector. He is also as determined as I am to see Mount Peake become a reality, for shareholders and stakeholders.

Today's announcement authorised by the board states: 
In addition, the Company intends to offer the largest shareholders, including Mr Warren Brown of the requisitioning shareholders, the opportunity to nominate suitable persons with appropriate experience as candidates for appointment to the TNG Board of Directors.

A response from Mr Paul Brown is attached.

Proposed Chair of TNG Limited

Link to Letter from Paul Brown