TNG Updates

TNG Change of Management | Update 46

To all Shareholders and Stakeholders 

Last Thursday I committed to recommence the campaign for Change in November should Mr Biddle and Mr Burton not have resigned.

Over the past week I can confirm that Neil and I have spoken directly. He conceded gracefully and with a measure of dry wit. While I do not agree with Neil's decision to engage during the 249d process, we are beyond that now, and Neil and I are going to be fine. We have agreed to meet in person in early November, and I am confident that we will build an open and constructive relationship henceforth. This is clearly in the best interests of the company.

I am advised not to comment further regarding Mr Burton at this stage.

As to the state of play, the path has been cleared into the AGM and for me to then implement the agenda that I have campaigned upon since July following my appointment.

The final step is for Resolution 2 to carry as an ordinary resolution, this being: "That Mr Grant Francis Wilson, having self-nominated for election, be elected as a Director of the Company".

Following this, the new Board will hold an election, where I will nominate to become Chair. If successful, I will then commence to Reset, Review and Renew the company in December. From there, it will be onward into the new era. 

I ask for your support with this final step, bringing this tumultuous period to a close, for the best interests of all Shareholders.

How to Vote
Voting is now open, and the How to Vote page on our website has been updated. While my nomination is unopposed, I am looking to unify the register through November, and to maintain a high level of engagement with shareholders, small and large, local and offshore.
Please note that I have no formal recommendation on Resolution 1 at this time, and I note that the resolution is advisory only.

For Resolution 2, please go ahead at your convenience and vote FOR myself. You are welcome to send a confirmation email to should you wish to, as many have already this morning.

I will be back in touch with further Updates in due course.

Nominated for election as a Director of TNG Limited