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TNG Change Of Management | Update 19

Hi everyone,

Voting is now open to Change Management at TNG.

The strongest and most powerful way that you can support Change is to VOTE EARLY and VOTE FOR all the Resolutions.

To this end, we have upgraded the website today to include simple instructions on HOW TO VOTE.

The simplest and most effective channel is to follow this link to the Investor Vote website, and step through the instructions to vote online.

The HOW TO VOTE page shows the way, including screenshots to assist.

The basics are to:

  • Enter the meeting Control Number: 181237
  • Identify yourself and your holdings via SRN/HIN number
  • Vote all your holdings
  • Appoint the Chairman as proxy
  • Vote FOR all the Resolutions. To repeat, vote FOR all the Resolutions
  • Confirm your vote FOR all the Resolutions

You will then receive a confirmation email. To support the Change campaign further, you are welcome to forward this confirmation email to:

For those who have already voted FOR, thank you! If you wish, please also let us know at, including your holdings.

All information provided will be retained by the Change campaign on a strictly confidential basis.

We will be upgrading the website further in days ahead to provide further channels for the many of you that want to support the Change campaign.

This is also the stage in the campaign where the FAQ as advised on Day 1 will be rolled out. All questions can be emailed to

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, please spread the word to all shareholders of TNG:


With your early support, the new era of Change at TNG will begin soon.



Proposed Chair of TNG Limited