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TNG Change Of Management | Update 22

Good morning,

Thank you again to all those who have already voted FOR. The confirmations continue to roll in to This will underpin the formal statement I plan to make on Monday next week, once everyone has had an opportunity to vote.

I confirm our letterbox campaign will commence later today, to the top 2000 shareholders at TNG. The simple message is to VOTE FOR with directions back to our website to learn more.

For today, I have attached below a support letter authored by Mr Paul Brown, who is both a requisitioning member for the 249D action, and a major long term shareholder of TNG.

It has been my privilege to get to know Paul over the past month, and I am grateful for his strong support. He is forthright and insightful, and has deep experience in strategic investing across the Australian resource sector. He is also as determined as I am to see Mount Peake become a reality, for shareholders and stakeholders.

Out an abundance of caution regarding the collective action regime, I have decided against publishing letters of support from other shareholders. They are of course welcome, and I am sincerely grateful for the overwhelming support. But there is no need to take this additional step in the public domain.

You are of course welcome to comment below the YouTube video provided yesterday. On that front , thanks to Ernie for lunch yesterday. He, along with Paul, and precisely the profile of shareholders that any functional Board would welcome.



Proposed Chair of TNG Limited

Link to the Support Letter