How to vote for Change
The final step in supporting the Change management team is to vote FOR Grant at the AGM.

Most Shareholders will have received an email from the company on Thursday, 27 October. Please contact us if you did not at

Assuming you did receive an email, please follow the steps below:
1. Login using your postcode
2. Confirm your identity
3. Vote all your holding
4. Appoint the Chairman of the Meeting as proxy
5. Vote FOR for Resolution 2, Mr Grant Wilson
6. Review your number of shares and Submit
7. Your vote
Thank you! You have voted for Change and you should have received a confirmation email.
Please ensure you have voted holdings across all your entities.
You are welcome to forward your confirmation email to
All information provided will be retained by the Change campaign in a strictly confidential basis.

If you have questions or encounter difficulties please let us know at We will add a FAQ section shortly. Make sure your vote for Change counts.